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Pool Equipment

We exclusively use Pentair and Sta-Rite pool products on all of our Swimming pools and Spas. Pentair Water spends Millions of dollars each year in their product research and development. Pentair is the world’s largest manufacturer of pool equipment and they make 99% of their own products leading the Industry. They are always the first company to come out with new technology and equipment that makes your pool function more efficiently and economically 

Here at Artificial Environments Inc. we will always Guide our customers with plenty of information as to how you can best save energy and money by choosing the right pumps, filters and heaters. These decisions can make a tremendous difference in the cost of your monthly expenses and upkeep of your pool. It will also make a huge difference in how much time you will spend each week cleaning your pool. Keep in mind that sometime a little extra money invested up front can save a lot in the long run.

A few of the products that Pentair Water is responsible for developing and bringing to the pool industry are L.E.D. Lighting and Variable speed pumps.

With Artificial Environments Inc. we believe that your money could be spent as efficiently as the pool we want to build for you and we believe in properly educating our customers about their investment.